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Carpet Flooring

Carpet Stores

Are you looking for new flooring that’s as functional as it is attractive? At Neufeldt’s Flooring, we believe there’s nothing that compares to the warmth and comfort of well-crafted fabric underfoot. With the right carpeting resting beneath your feet, you can add the perfect amount of visual warmth to any home or office. Beyond its design capabilities, carpet enhances any aesthetic, reduces noise, and offers a soft cushioning for tired feet after a long day of activity.

Our carpet stores in Hutchinson, KS, offer a massive selection of high-quality carpets and rugs from some of the leading names in the industry. Through the power of collective buying, we’re expertly positioned to meet the demands of our clients and their projects with competitive carpet prices. Let our specialists help you choose flooring that perfectly fits your aesthetics and lifestyle. Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end after they leave our doors. That’s why we’re proud to offer comprehensive carpet installation as well. Whether we’re redressing flooring in your home or in a commercial setting, rest assured that our team will help you find an ideal solution.

Competitive Prices on Designer-Inspired Selections

Broadloom carpet, named for the large looms in which it’s woven, is an ideal choice for creating cozy environments. Due to its inherently wide roll width, it can be installed in large spaces with few seams creating an uninterrupted base for other details such as furnishings and drapery. Discover all of the interior design possibilities that await you at our expansive flooring store.

Carpet quality is as important a feature as its appearance and design. At our carpet stores, we proudly carry a medley of high-quality selections from top designers and manufacturers including pieces from:

Update the flooring in your home or office with top-of-the-line home and commercial carpet from the industry’s most respected brands. Our sensible décor experts help you find the right mix of pattern, padding, and style that fits in line with your design aspirations.

Choose Carpet Flooring for Ease of Maintenance

Advances in manufacturing have made a variety of carpet styles more desirable than ever due to their impressive ease of maintenance. Our brand-name carpets and area rugs offer enduring performance and resilience, resisting stains, fading, and holding up well to substantial foot traffic. In addition, cleaning and maintenance becomes nearly effortless when all it takes to clean them is a quick vacuuming. Simply wipe up spills with a damp rag and vacuum your flooring regularly to keep it look clean and inviting.

Shield your Flooring with Decorative Area Rugs

Area rugs can easily be incorporated into your existing décor. We carry a wide variety of large broadloom pieces that offer a nearly limitless range of choices from soft tones and hues to subtle and dramatic textures. In addition, these rugs help to shield your existing flooring from the damages that occur due to furniture legs, children’s toys, and the wear and tear of a busy household.

Place area rugs over all types of flooring including carpeting for its protective abilities and stylish appeal. Look to our design team to help you choose the perfect color and pattern to add a new element to your unique interior design.

Contact our specialists to find the perfect carpeting or area rug for your home or business.